Romantic Ireland

Romantic Ireland – Places to Visit

Romantic  Ireland – Places to Visit

There are many places associated with love in Ireland from the romantic castles to the macabre relics. Here are a few of our favourite places associated with Love in Ireland. We are a bit more romantic in Ireland than the phrase ‘Would you like to be buried with my people!

Romantic Ireland

Romantic Irish Castle

1. St Valentine in Bowe Street Church Dublin

The Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street holds some relics of  St Valentine, brought from Rome as a gift from the Pope to Fr John Spratt in 1835. The casket is kept in a shrine on the right-hand side of the church and is placed before the high altar on St Valentine’s Day.



2.  How to say I Love you in Irish

The following are words associated with saying I love you in Irish which has many words to say the same thing. Why use one word when 3 will do! 

Grá = Love                                    Mo Grá thú = I love you

An Phósfeadh Mé = Would you Marry me

Seanfhocal faoi an Grá (Old Irish Proverb / Word of Wisdom  about Love)

  • Giorráonn Beirt bothar.         (Two shorten the road)
    Romantic Ireland

    Get Engaged Doe Castle, Donegal Ireland

  • Nil don leighis ar an n’grá ach posadh.     (There is no cure for love except marriage)
  • An áit a bfhuil an cross ann- tabharfaidh do chos thú.   (Your feet will bring you to where love is


3. Get Engaged in Doe Castle Donegal

Doe Castle overlooks Sheephaven Bay in north Donegal and dates from the 1400’s. It was built by the O’Donnells and later taken by the McSweeny clan who became known as McSweeny Doe. Legend tells that Aileen MacSweeny threw herself out of the highest window of the castle after her father murdered her suitor, Turlough O’Boyle. It’s been called the Romeo and Juliet Castle of Ireland and many people have proposed marriage to their loved one there. 



Romanic Ireland

Marriage Stone at Blarney Castle, Ireland 4 Marriage stone 


In olden times a marriage stone was one with a hole in it through which two people joined hands so they could be married. There is a marriage stone on Cape Clear Island off the south-west coast and a modern replica at Blarney Castle. 


5 Famous Love Paintings in Ireland.

Meeting on the Turret Stairs painted by Frederic William Burton is Ireland’s most famous love painting. It shows Hellelil and Hildebrand meeting on the stairs and can be seen in the National Gallery in Dublin.

Marriage of Aoife and Strongbow- by Daniel MacLise Also on display in the National Gallery, this painting tells the story of the conquering Norman lord  Strongbow who was given the daughter of the King on Leinster in marriage.

6. Jewellery and Love

The Claddagh Ring from the Claddagh area in Galway city is the traditional ring of love in Ireland using a heart held by two hands and topped by a crown. Women wore the ring with the heart  facing outwards when looking for love and facing inwards when their heart was taken 

Modern jewellery made by Irish Jewellers also celebrates love; you can have engagement and wedding rings handmade. Make your own wedding rings in an exclusive workshop organised by Activity Days. Recycle old gems or metals by incorporating them into  the piece to make it more special

Love in Ireland

Love Poem Ireland by W B Yeaths

7. Love Poetry in Ireland

William Butler Yeats is Ireland’s first Nobel Prize-winning poet and a man who fell madly in love with the beautiful Maud Gonne. He spent a lot of time in Sligo, his Land of Heart’s Desire, which celebrates his poetry every year. Visit Lissadell House where he used to stay, Drumcliff where he is buried or Coole Park in south Galway where he carved his name in a tree. 

8. Movies about Love in Ireland

Once -Two struggling musicians try to make it in Dublin. Once won an Oscar for Best Original Song, ‘Falling  Slowly’ by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová who also starred in the film which was directed by John Carney.

Brooklyn – Filmed in Brooklyn and Wexford it tells the story of a young woman getting away from repressive 1950’s Ireland. Starring Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson and directed by John Crowley.

PS I Love You – Story of a young widow whose late husband left messages for her. Written by Cecilia Ahern and starring

Brooklyn Movie

Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.

Ondine – Story of a fisherman who falls for a mermaid. Filmed  partly in Castletownbere, West Cork with Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda and directed by Neil Jordan. 

The Quiet Man-Great old classic.  A retired boxer returns to rural Ireland from the US  and local woman Mary Kate Danaher catches his eye. Filmed in Cong, Co Mayo in 1951 with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara and directed by John Ford.

8. Songs of Love

There are many songs of love and lost love in Ireland. A poem by Patrick Kavanagh about his lost love, was turned into the famous song Raglan Road by the Dubliners and Luke Kelly. Sit on a bench beside Patrick Kavanagh’s statue on Dublin’s Grand Canal and enjoy a drink in the pub he used to drink in off Grafton Street.


Romance is alive and well in Ireland and there are many great places to visit with your loved one. Contact Activity Days Ireland with suggestions on what to add to this blog information or help to plan a romantic holiday in Ireland.

McDaids Pub, where Patrick Kavanagh used to Drink

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