Best in Dublin

Dublin Top 10 – Parks and Gardens

Dublin Top 10 – Parks & Gardens Ireland’s damp climate is a great advantage to gardeners and many Irish people are proud of their green fingers. The country has lots of public gardens which are a huge draw for garden lovers or just for recreation. Dublin has no shortage of  beautiful public gardens, mainly a […]

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Best Walks Kerry

Fact Sheet Ireland

 Fact Sheet on  Vital Statistics 2021 1. Area. The island of Ireland is 84,421 sq km, The Republic of Ireland is 70,280 sq km, The Republic is 486km long and 275km wide.   2  Capital of Ireland Dublin is Ireland’s capital.   3.   Other Main Cities Cork in the south is the second city, Limerick […]

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Ancient East, Ireland

Fact Sheet on Ancient East, Ireland.

1.What is Ireland’s Ancient East          Set in lush landscapes this region comprises some of Ireland’s most important ancient sites from the last 5,000 years as well as many quaint villages and attractive towns and cities. Medieval castles, burial mounds, monasteries and round towers, this area has more than enough to keep […]

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Fuchsia in West Cork

Buying and Delivery of Garden Plants in Cork.

The Covid-19  travel restrictions have affected all of us and we at  have got back to gardening in a big way. We have weeded the flower beds, pruned the fruit bushes, enriched the soil and moved plants. Whether you have a garden or a balcony you probably want to get growing – it’s a […]

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Irish Book Retailers Selling Online

In these days of ‘lockdown’, many of us are looking for ways to fill our time. Reading is one of the great pleasures for many of us but the question is how to get access to books as bookshops are currently closed.  I had planned to do a blog on the best bookshops in Ireland […]

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