Frequently Asked Questions for Activity Days

We believe that the Local guides who live in their communities are the people who know the area best. All our guides are local, expert, insured and known to us at Activity Days. We are Ireland Specialist Travel Consultants focusing on Cork, Dublin, Belfast and the Wild Atlantic Way. We are based in Blarney, Cork, Ireland and can give you the best local experiences, tailor made to your needs.

Activity Days is committed to a sustainable strong rural community in Ireland. For the Guides, the accommodation providers and transport providers they are the local experts, who are part of the community. The income they receive goes back to the local community, which is why we work with local guide who know the area best. We book accommodation in Bed and Breakfasts, Self-catering properties, Country Houses and Hotels with people we know and trust, so you can too.

We provide information for you on the best local pubs, restaurants, music venues and other attractions. All money spent locally in Ireland supports the local community.

The B&B owner will serve you locally produced ingredients at breakfast. The pub will serve local beers and have musicians who live in the area. The restaurant may have national awards, but will always use the best local fish, meat and artisan ingredients. The cafe or shop keeper will sell sandwiches made with ingredients from the area. You could say we are focused on the locals in Ireland

All bookings in the set packages are based on 2 people sharing on those dates given. If you have more than six people we class you as a group. In each of the set packages we can take a maximum of 10 people but we can cater for groups of up to 35 people in tailor made packages. We can customise a package for your specific dates and cater for small groups in a mini-bus.

Activity Days works with guides in Cork, Dublin Belfast & Northern Ireland, as well as the Wild Atlantic Way. If this is outside the area you are enquiring about send a contact form to see if we can help with your requests.

There is no minimum age for the trip but all those taking part in activities must be 10 years or older. All party members between 10-18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian while participating in activities arranged by us. Each activity has a minimum age restriction and in some cases height restrictions, for the safety of all. The consent of the parent/guardian must be provided prior to a minor undertaking any activities with us.

Activities which include walking are graded into five categories based on the fitness level needed for that activity. These are the grades determined by the Irish National Trails Office.

Please confirm you have attained that level of fitness before booking an activity. The fitness level is from 1-5 and answering yes does not automatically exclude a person from the activity, but our Guides must be made aware at time of booking.



1 Multi Access Flat smooth trail suitable for all people, including those with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, for older people, visually impaired and those on crutches


2 Easy Be able to walk on smooth surfaces, with some gentle slopes and family groups. Footwear must be enclosed outdoor footwear


3 Moderate A reasonable level of fitness is required with walking shoes and clothing. There may be some uphill climbing off road where the ground is rough.


4 Strenuous Physically demanding trails which have some steep climbs for long periods (over 1 hour). A high level of fitness is required as well as specific walking shoes and clothing.


5 Very Difficult Need to be very fit and a competent mountain walker with experience. The terrain may be variable and rough underfoot.

We accept payments in Euros only, which is the local currency. We accept payment via Stripe who will do the conversion for you. We also take payments via Splink in Euros. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Activity Days Ireland uses a voucher system for all Guided Activity. This voucher must be handed to the individual guide before the start foof the activity. It is the responsibility of ‘Lead Named Person’ to download the voucher onto paper and hand to the guide.

We ask you to sign a form stating that each person in the group is fit enough for the activity. Where the group includes a person  under 18, a parent or guardian must provide the consent form to Activity Days in advance and a copy to the Guide on the day of the activity.  It is the responsibility of the lead person to notify Activity Days in advance of the activity if there is a change in the fitness level of any person. Failure to do so may result in cancellation or refusal of the activity in accordance with our terms and conditions.  

All safety equipment provided and must be worn.  

We give you details of the clothing and footwear needed for specific activities, as these may not be provided in the information on the activity.

The correct footwear and clothing are essential for activities. Footwear with a treaded sole and ankle support and walking boots are best.

Clothing should be layered, colourful, warm, windproof and waterproof, including hat and gloves. A rucksack, sunscreen, waterproof cover for your phone, tablet device or camera are all advisable.

Whether the trip is for one activity or for a vacation we advise you to take out travel insurance before booking this trip, as we do not provide insurance cover in case of accident.Please refer to our terms and conditions.

It’s a good idea to have travel Insurance in case something goes wrong. We like World Nomads as they can give a quick quote

This Insurance is for people visiting the island of Ireland and Irish residents need to have their own insurance

The cancellation policy for each activity is specified in the activity information form. Some activities are non refundable. Please see our terms and conditions for our cancellation policy.

You are advised to arrive 15 minutes before departure time for an activity. This will allow for a safety briefing before the trip, putting on safety equipment and introductions by the guide. If you get lost please phone the guide at once so they can assist you to find the meeting point. We organise meeting points so that cars can park in comfort. It may not be suited to parking a mini-bus or bus and the driver will have to come back to collect the group at a specified point.

As many of the activities are for small groups, they will depart on time and if you do not arrive on time, you will not be entitled to a refund. If you do not intend to attend an activity booked, you must notify us in advance. 

If an activity has to be cancelled due to adverse weather and the guides decide it is not safe we accept their decision. Money for cancelled activity will be refunded to the paying card, with a deduction of €5 per person, per activity booked. Please see our terms and conditions.

For Multi Activity Trips or Overseas Visitors

The main airports in Ireland are in Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Belfast with smaller airports in Waterford, Kerry, Knock and Donegal. Car hire can be arranged from any airport and returned to a different airport, with a one way fee payable. There are motorways between the main cities in Ireland with Dublin being three hours drive from Cork. Ferry services from the UK to Ireland operate into Dublin, Rosslare and Belfast. Trains run hourly from Dublin to Cork taking about three hours.

We can organise the following transport in Ireland  Car Hire, Driver Guide/Chauffeur, Mini-Bus or Bus driver in certain circumstances and at your request.Please contact us directly if you wish to do so.

Activity Days can include the cost of car hire as part of a tailored package for you. We recommend manual transmission cars, as they are best for Irish roads. Automatic cars are available on request. Car hire is assumed to be from Cork airport, but hire from elsewhere can be arranged on request at time of booking. You are responsible for the car insurance and excess and you must have your driver & insurance, drivers licence with you. For further information look at the Driving in Ireland Blog. Please see our terms and conditions.  

Type of Car– We recommend manual transmission cars, as they are best for Irish roads. Automatic cars are available on request. 
Time – Car hire is assumed to be from Cork airport, but hire from elsewhere can be arranged on request at time of booking. The Car can be dropped off to another airport for a one way fee. We will charge per day and to the hour with a 25 minutes grace period on return.

Age  -The car hire you can receive depends on the age of the driver for drivers under 25. For customers aged  between 75 – 79 years can rent with specific conditions :- 

  1. Must drive regularly & hold a current motor insurance policy.
  2. Provide a letter from their doctor to state that they have been in good health and have been for  at least 12 months.
  3. Provide a letter from their insurers to state that they have not been involved in any incidents in the last 5 years. in your possession on car pick
  4. Driving Licence – You must hold a valid for at least 2 years or more at time of rental  and have in your possession on car pick. Carry with you at all times when driving in Ireland. Provisional or Learner drivers or seriously endorsed licence holders are not eligible to rent a vehicle e.g drink driving disqualification


Insurance – You are responsible for the car insurance and excess The following insurances are included in the Activity Days – Standard Inclusive Programme:-  Compulsory Motor Insurance, Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW ), Theft Protection ( TP ), Compulsory Motor Insurance     (by Irish Law, the car hire company must provide Insurance for any damage to any other vehicle / Property or Injury to another person, including death ).

Standard Incl. Package – On the “ Standard Inclusive “  programme the excess of €1,600 to €3,000 based on type of car hired and will be explained when collecting the hire car

Activity Days would like to advise customers that they can choose any of the following from the car hire company when collecting the car and the customer can choose which optional extra insurance to purchase when picking up the car. 

  • Compulsory Motor (Insurance for damage or repairs to the hire car car Collision Damage Waiver  (Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW ) means the  driver is insured in relation to  -Damage to the rental vehicle subject to the damage excess to be paid by the  Renter.
  • Theft Protection – Theft Protection ( TP ) is included in the Standard Inclusive Programme with Insurance for the rental vehicle in the event it is stolen, subject to    the damage excess to be paid by the car renter.

Additional Driver – An additional driver can be added to the car hire when picking up the car, once the person has their driver’s license. 

Do you Provide Sat Nav or Child Seats? – These are not provided as part of a rental agreement but can be booked in advance for an extra fee. Child car seats can be booked in advance as well as booster seats for older children ( up to 12 years of age, depending on height)

Do I have to stick to a set Driving Route? – Not at all. We recommend the most scenic, interesting and exciting driving routes, linking the accommodation booked with activities with a realistic driving time included! We always give a GPS meeting point for meeting guides and recommend arriving 15 minutes or more before the departure time. This allows for safety briefing, putting on equipment provided or getting to know your guide.

Credit card deposit – A Credit card will be needed by the car hire company to the car hire company is mandatory to cover toll Fees, Speed cameras, parking offences etc.  The renter is fully responsible for all fines and consequence s of the violation of traffic and parking fines inquire during the rental. 

The Car hire arrangement is between the customer and hire company. We recommend that customers familiarise white the car before driving and noting any damage or defect to the car on the form provided by the rental company and bringing to the attention of the staff of the car company.

The Driver guide is an Ireland expert and can drive you to the activities, places of interest and other attractions in Ireland. They are at your disposal. However there is a regulation on how much a person can drive in a day, break requirements and they do not work late nights as they need rest. They expect to work an 8 hour day. Any time spent transporting your party around after that is to be negotiated directly with the Driver Guide. They are your transport provider, but they are not expected to collect from restaurants, night clubs or theatre’s after their working day is complete.

The transport is hired for your group for a specific time and place and for a maximum number of people. If the number of people in the party increases or decreases please advise Activity Days at once. The cost of transport is divided evenly between those travelling and if numbers in the group fall from that originally booked the overall price may have to increase to reflect this. We work with professional companies with quality transport. The earlier you book, the better change you have of getting the best bus available.

Drivers have to have specific rest periods and this is built into the trips. If a driver is delayed due to clients later return there may be an extra charge levied by the transport provider.

The Irish motorway network is limited to routes linking the main cities. Other roads vary in size and quality. Travel is safe, if sometimes slow. The journey is not to be rushed and we make suggestions on the time to complete a journey. If you look at the Blog post of Beara you will see that the time to drive from A to B is long for short distances, on narrow winding roads, which make the drive more interesting, but cannot be rushed.

The accommodation provided is either;

  1. Hotels (with breakfast included) or Country Houses
  2. In bed and breakfast establishments
  3. In Self Catering properties which can hold a specific number of people.
  4. We use the words Select and Economy in our accommodation provision. We book the hotels in each area for views, character or proximity to an activity. The Select hotels are the best available in the area and Economy refers to a hotel with a lower star rating or a Bed and Breakfast establishment, usually run by a family.
  5. All rooms are en-suite and for two people, unless otherwise specified.
  6. For single occupancy a supplement applies so travel with friend if you can.
  7. We can book hotels with swimming pools, fitness centres or spa treatment if requested in advance and available in the area.
  8. We request rooms to be ready for your arrival but most hotels don’t guarantee room availability until 3pm. Luggage can be stored with the hotel porter service until your room is ready.

The activity list offered here is extensive and each activity can be booked directly, or a gift voucher purchased. For packages and group booking where more than one activity is booked a booking deposit of €200 will be requested to cover planning costs. This will be offset against the money due for the service- be that multiple activity, accommodation, transport.

The packages can include car hire, accommodation in Hotels, B&B’s, Self-catering accommodation  and local guides. If there is a choice of activity you must specify the activity at the time of booking . Some activities may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Your safety is always our greatest consideration and our guides will always be aware of local conditions.

Flights are not included as part of the trip. Meals or drinks are not provided as part of the trip. We can book picnics or recommend our favourite local restaurants in advance of your arrival. Medical expenses, entrance fees to theatres, museums or parks are not included. Any extra optional activities you wish to do during your holiday are not included. Gratuities are not included.

When booking with us, we will require a deposit to be paid. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

After full payment for the trip is received we will send you vouchers for the different elements of the trip, maps of the area, things to do and details on suitable clothing and footwear for the activities. If the lead time is less than 6 weeks to the trip we will ask you to download the information and send you a USB stick with the trip information on it.

We ask you to sign a form stating you are fit enough for each activity. If you do have an accident before getting to Ireland then please let us know so we can change the activities to suit your needs.

While you are in Ireland we are available to answer any questions you may have or advise on any difficulty you may encounter.

We have 3 types of cycling holidays.

1 Hire a car and collect a bicycle at different places on your trip to do loop cycle trips.

2 Guided cycling trips where you are transported to meet your guide and bicycle who accompany you during the full trip. We  can organise transport back to the airport in private or public transport.

  1. Self guided cycling as the only method of transport on a one way trip. We pick you up at the start of the trip, take you to the bicycle centre and you cycle on a self guided tour. We will book accommodation and activities added along the route for you. You can carry the luggage or we can organise local transport each day. At the end of the one way trip we transport the bicycle back to where it was rented from. There will be a booking deposit credit card on the bicycle, which will not be cashed except in case of damage or loss of the bicycle and equipment.

We can arrange for local cycling guides to meet you along the way at an extra charge if you wish.

Remember to bring the correct footwear, clothing and rainwear for your trip.

Cork is the base for Activity Days and we have developed along the Wild Atlantic Way, Dublin and Belfast in the past few years. But just ask we probably know the local expert in the area you want to visit.

We appreciate the beautiful unspoilt Irish countryside. We practice the 7 principles of Leave No Trace :-

Plan ahead and Prepare

Be Considerate of Others

Respect Farm Animals & Wildlife

Travel and Camp on Durable Ground

Leave what you find.

Dispose of Water properly

Minimise the effects of Fire

Contact Activity Days by the enquiry form with your request during office hours GMT 10am to 5pm or +353873306306 or email IF you are phoning from overseas and need a phonemail then please advise on the phone no with area and country code and we can phone you back, in your time zone. The  email is the quickest way to get an answer. By whatever the question on Ireland we probably have the answer, and if we don’t, then we know who to ask!